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Looking for some research help - Welcome to Arachnerds!

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August 7th, 2014

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10:20 am - Looking for some research help

I'm trying to do a short presentation on spider bites for work. Information on the brown recluse and black widow is pretty easy to find, but I wanted to have some slides on wolf spiders as well, since they're abundant locally and have a reputation for being more easily provoked into biting than the other two spiders. I'm having difficulty, though, finding information on the venom found in the Lycosidae family, other than the symptoms and the fact that it's not a danger to humans. I'm especially interested in knowing whether it's a neurotoxin, hemotoxin or some other kind of venom, and details on the mechanism in which it damages tissue. I'm guessing there is probably a dearth of research on this subject since the bites rarely require medical intervention, aside from cases of infection. Links to science journal articles would be ideal, but I'll take anything!

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