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"If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive."

Welcome to Arachnerds, the community for people who love arachnids!

This place is open to any and all eight-legged arthropod lovers. However, you must be an arachnerd.

You must have more than a passing interest in your favourite arachnid.

I cannot emphasize enough that this is mainly a scientific forum. We're not always professional, but I have assembled Arachnerds as a place of study and sharing. We're not a fad.

Perhaps you photograph spiders, or keep a scorpion. Maybe you've recently fallen in love with harvestmen and want to share your new passion with others.

Ararchnerds is the place for people to gather and talk about the creatures they love.

Please read and adhere to these Rules:

~*~ Keep your posts relevent. We're all about arachnids here.

~*~ Though it hasn't happened yet, don't ask to join this community by leaving a comment on an entry. There's a nice, neat procedure outlined above (top of the screen- "click here to join" et cetera) for joining.

~*~ If you have a new pet spider and want to know more about caring for him/her,
this shouldn't be your first stop.
Check out the other spider care communities and then check back here.

Follow these simple, painless rules and we'll have a great time.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay.

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